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It's only been 10 months or so since I posted anything here, and I don't even know if anyone visits here any more (I probably wouldn't either). Let me tell you, kids make your life pretty crazy and cost a fortune - but they are worth every bit of it. I got some new pictures of Christoper posted, so feel free to see how he's growing!

He is pretty much our entire life at this point. Between work and him, we have just a few hours left to sleep/eat/bathe/etc. Christa and I did manage to get away last weekend for a few days to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It's gone so fast! There is not much else going on besides work. I just got a promotion, so more responsibility (and more money to spend on the kid).

I hope everyone else is doing well. We don't check our email or do much online very often these days, but we try. I'd love to hear from anyone!

If you want, check out Christopher's latest photos (especially his 1st birthday).

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The same thing I always say...

Blah, blah, blah...  Sorry I haven't kept up on the journal, but having a baby actually takes some work!  (Who would've known?)

Actually, Christa and Christopher are in Iowa until this Sunday; so I should have a little time to catch up on my friends' journals and perhaps even post some stuff!  I know, you'll believe it when you see it.

More in another post.  Soon.

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Pictures of Christopher!

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Sorry that it’s been a while, but things have been crazy (as you can probably imagine) around here! Here is a link to the pictures that I have posted so far…

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I’ll keep adding more there as we take them, so check back. Everything else is going well, and I hope that all is well for everyone else out there too!

Still No Baby…

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We ended up making a trip to the hospital last night (Monday) because Christa was having a lot of pain and we really thought that the baby was coming…

We were wrong. They sent us home a few hours later with some pills to help her sleep, and told us to call back when the pain gets really bad (which Christa already thought it WAS). It’s gonna be scary when she finally does have this baby! It’s due this Sunday, so it has to be close…

I’ve spent the last week getting the house ready, which is still a long way from being finished. My new job starts on Monday, so things are getting busy. More updates to follow…

New Job…

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Good news on the job front… On May 15th I’ll begin a 14-week Medical Transcription training class given by a local company that provides transcription services for emergency rooms throughout the country. There were about 35 people who applied, and they chose 8 - so I guess that I must have done something right!

I can’t say that I’ve always had dreams of going into the transcription field, but it’s really going to be a great situation for us right now. When the training is over, I’ll be able to work from home while making good money and getting medical benefits. This will eliminate some of our child care issues, and our issues with only having one car (after Christa starts working again).

I’m looking forward to it, although we’ll have to get through 3 months without any income… We already have some solutions for this worked out, though.